Malt - Ale Malt -  Coopers Schoona

Malt - Ale Malt - Coopers Schoona

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Australian malt alternative to Maris Otter.

Grown under contract specifically for the Coopers Maltings, Schooner is a heritage barley variety well suited for craft brewing.

It’s rich, flavourful character provides a solid backbone for hoppy ales and is also well suited for dark and English style beers.

Beautiful biscuity malt flavours. Lower attenuation allows for better control in the brewhouse.

EBC 4.5 – 7

Sold as 25kg bags or in 1kg increments (nothing smaller, sorry). If you want a specific malt bill that has grains less than 1kg please see HERE.

The base malt of choice for Wolf of the Willows Brewing.

All barely is sourced from Australian farms and is malted by Cooper’s Brewery Malting.
•100% traceability -barley field through all stages of malting process up to and including delivery.
•Produced using the latest technologies and process controls to ensure high quality, consistently malted barley.
•2.8mm screen used ensuring only the plumpest grains make it into our final product. •GMO FREE guaranteed.
•Strict internationally accepted requirements HACCP (Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points) currently in force.
•Conformance to Australian regulations regarding the maximum allowable residues of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides as well as traces of nitrosamines.