Kegs -  XPA -  Extra Pale Ale -  30L, 50L and Cornie Kegs
Kegs -  XPA -  Extra Pale Ale -  30L, 50L and Cornie Kegs
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kegs -  XPA -  Extra Pale Ale -  30L, 50L and Cornie Kegs
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kegs -  XPA -  Extra Pale Ale -  30L, 50L and Cornie Kegs

Kegs - XPA - Extra Pale Ale - 30L, 50L and Cornie Kegs

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Why buy a can when you can buy a KEG!!!

Suits kegerators, direct pour systems and home bars.

These are A type kegs. We ask for a $100 refundable deposit upon return of working keg.

You will need an A type coupler for (see photo), which we can either hire for to you for $20 per keg (with a $100 refundable deposit) or sell to you for $150.

Other option is you are welcome to drop off clean cornie kegs and we will fill for you (need minimum of 24 hours to fill).

Party Tap System: Having a party? We can hire you a two tap / two keg tap system, including setting it up for your big shin dig, providing gas, couplers, etc. This is only able to be provided in the south east and bayside suburbs of Melbourne and needs to be booked in advance. Please email before purchasing to ensure availability. Cost is $150 for weekend including set up on site and pick up after party, with $300 deposit on equipment. Note is only available when purchasing Wolf beer kegs.


The very first Wolf Beer to be launched back in 2014, arguably the first XPA of it's style, it certainly made a statement when we released it.

More hop than your average Pale Ale, this XPA is Extra pale in colour with extra hop aroma and flavour. Citra, Centennial and Galaxy hops provide the firm hop aroma of passionfruit, citrus and tropical fruits. These are supported by a subtle biscuity malt and a soft round bitterness.

Be it flipping snags on the BBQ, or when you need that refreshing knock off after an 'ambitious' day, this all rounder XPA is a genuine thirst quencher. Clean and easy drinking for the hop lover.

Hops Citra, Centennial and Galaxy. Full fruity flavour and aroma

Malt Schoona, Vienna and wheat malt provide the subtle biscuity malt backbone and beautiful lacing for the glass.

IBUs 32

Finish Clean and dry

4.7% ABV

FREE delivery for kegs in metro Melbourne. Please see HERE for all details.

Food Match

Easy: Sausage in bread, meat pie and sauce, a tasty aged cheddar cheese on a crunchy cracker.

Medium: Fresh, hoppy and sessional XPAs match perfectly with seafood tacos, think lime cured fish, avocado, and corriander.

Harder: This XPA has been made a debut in one of Melbourne Hot Sauce's top selling sauce the 'Hop Smoked Jalapeno' sauce. A perfectly balanced beer based sauce that isn't too hot, and the perfect partner to your eggs in the morning. You kind find this delicious sauce on their website here.

Cooking with Beer:
One of the great joys to cook with beer, and drink it whilst doing it of course... Why not try to create the hot sauce above - the original XPA Chipotle Sauce created by Scotty and Renae, or for a cracking meal whilst still keeping the spice how about our XPA Jerk Chicken with Pineapple slaw  (Click on the hyperlinks to view the recipes)