Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP II - 2019 version

Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP II - 2019 version

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Mark II of the Barrel Exchange Project with Lark Distillery see’s the release of the 2019 version of the Lark Barrel Aged Imperial Johnny Smoke Porter (JSP).

This Imperial Smoke Porter was aged in 100L Lark barrels for an average of 9 months and is weighing in at a hefty 13.9%. The result is an Imperial Smoke Porter rich with whisky barrel aged flavours of vanilla, mocha, peat, dark chocolate, molasses, truffles and espresso.

The Lark whisky barrels were individually hand selected based on their unique sensory characteristics. The brewers and distillers tried samples from countless Lark whisky barrels, discussing which casks would work best for the beer aging process. Once selected, they were emptied of the whisky and shipped directly across to the brewery and filled within 7 days with an Imperial version of the Johnny Smoked Porter. Once the casks were emptied, they were returned to Lark Distillery in Tasmania, where they were filled with a hand selected single malt whisky to be released as 'The Wolf Release 2.0'.

Lark Distillery where the first to distill and age Tasmanian whisky. Bill Lark was literally responsible for starting the current Tasmanian whisky industry. After finding local pear bogs, he lobbied the Tasmanian government to make distilling legal. For further information on Lark see HERE. Creative, original, trail breaking, experts in their field are who we like to collaborate with. We think the results speak for themselves.

Hop East Kent Goldings

Malts Chocolate, Ale, Brown, Crystal, Black, Beechwood Smoked Malts

IBUs 84

Finish Whisky, peat, chocolate and espresso

13.9% ABV

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Well, eat dinner and then find some quiet time. This ones more of a 'get your favourite leather recliner all warmed up, get your dressing gown and slippers on, find a clean tulip glass, let the beer warm to 8 degrees or so, and then saddle up for a journey into barrel aged bliss with ol' mate Johnny."